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Top Three Badoo Android AMA on Reddit

Top Three Badoo Android AMA on Reddit

Our Android os employees only had their particular first question myself Everything ( AMA), it actually was terrific! Hence we’re posting our personal main 3 Android questions and answers from Dima, Erik, Guillermo, full and Yaroslav.

For anybody whom don’t know a great deal about north america, our personal droid application is big, with 100,000 lines of rule, more than 100 million downloading throughout the yahoo perform stock and an incredible group of 17 individuals who build it.

Getting an AMA on Reddit is an outstanding opportunity for individuals question any technical questions relating to promoting android apps on a huge level, the techie obstacles we all confront at Badoo, our public Resource jobs, reviews about blogs and everything inbetween. Let’s get going!

Top 3

GreyAgency desired to understand what am the craziest device-specific insect we’ve wanted to manage?

Guillermo: will never note owner, but we now have a xxxSafeTextView and xxxSafeEditTextView, and we normally do not crash on setEnabled. Most of us have a custom Lint check out that:)

Erik: There was this package appliance (once once more, maybe not calling any titles) exactly where training within the support room was basically compiled to the Android os platform. So in the case your very own service room version did not accommodate the integrated one you’d have a preverify mistake. Fun!

Rich: I can’t remember fondly the correct concern, but we owned a collision that occurred on a few products that has been associated with the framework logging on they creating an IllegalArgumentException.

Dima: long ago (once Dalvik would be truth and artwork was a student in examine) one merchant thought to launch a phone with craft permitted automatically. We’d a lot of enjoyment with tweaking our obfuscation/optimisation technology untill the software quit crashing in arbitrary sites.

There are always probably going to be tiny (and sometimes big) problems with third party implementations of Android. The good thing achieve in case you pick like this really to elevate the challenge with yahoo to gather a test added to the CTS (Compatibility sample suit) which happens to be the main interface Application (this obviously does not treat the challenge, but fixes it for future years).

Sadly, there are always moving be compatibility difficulties with alternative implementations, but that is the retail price you have to pay for a very open process.

Leading 2

dancing_dead expected “How long does the full build simply take?”

Erik: long (creates can’t staying rapid sufficient)!

Yaroslav: A full clean acquire produces about five minutes (over at my MacBook expert, 13-inch, earlier 2015) and about 1 min for beautiful acquire. it is very long, so we try to minimize how many era most of us work full creates per creator. That’s why we bring CI which goes most of the screens for people and builds several app flavours someplace in the fog.

Guillermo: In an attempt to lessen all of our create energy, some of us has explored choice tips. I my self explored dollars as a build process. This became developed by Twitter to deal with many of the constraints most of us beginning to encounter now — and it also sounds quite amusing when it goes! They promises high speed builds, which includes tradeoffs for example shifting the way you consider segments and dependencies. Because it is just a build system, it generally does not create reliance handling for you personally, something that can become little aggravating in larger works. Discover a Gradle plug-in also known as OkBuild that claims it can resolve that for everyone, generating all the buckfiles and inferring all details from your own naughty siberian chat room established Gradle organize, but at this point I didn’t find a way to make it work using our build:(

The great news is, possible compose most situations you happen to be gone in Python and connect it in to the build. Unhealthy things happens to be, you will have to write lots of things, for example Retrolambda consolidation. Findings up until now: dollars calls for lots of updates in both the develops and our very own programming preferences, and in fact is not yet determined this will give into big benefits.