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The Duet has an extremely background that is black seems extremely clean .

The Duet has an extremely background that is black seems extremely clean .

noise is effective with a definite give attention to bass and reduced mid range. The Duet has great stability and good information retrieval and also you don’t get an overly smooth sound. General it really is a darker but clean sounding amplifier with a focus on bass and range body that is mid. Sound stage wise the amplifier is great however it is certainly is not the sounding amp that is widest. Sound phase level having said that is great. Treble is less extensive and once I talked about that to David Maudlin, Cypher Labs’ CEO, he stated they certainly were well conscious of this. As this amplifier nevertheless is aimed more for usage with IEMs they made a decision to tune it this way as too treble that is much make IEMs sound too “tinny” (tinny defines a sound this is certainly of low quality or like metal being strike. Cfr http://dictionary.cambridge.org)

In comparison to Theorem, the Duet’s noise unfortunately is less dynamic and possesses a smaller but much deeper noise phase. That would be the feeling though due to the fact smaller area between your instruments because of the Duet could potentially cause this. The Theorem noise is more airy even though the Duet’s noise is fuller and much more concentrated.

IEM Results

CE BA4: While I like the BA4 as it’s, i actually do choose deploying it with an amplifier that concentrates more on bass and mid range. We explained into the CE BA4 review 2-3 weeks with the JDSLabs C5(D) ago I preferred using them. The Duet doesn’t just perform some identical to the C5(D) however it is done by it better. You receive the full and deep clean noise with a bit of additional bass impact. This is actually the portable amp I will use to any extent further with my CIEMs!

RHA 750i: i must say i should utilize this Dynamic Driver IEM a lot more but that’s not effortless when you yourself have traditions that sound great. The MA750 is really a earphone that is good particularly for its cost. Whenever with the Duet you receive a smooth noise with needless to say the good bass and a striking range that is mid. Exceptionally treble ended up being a little hot although not so it bothered me personally. A mix i can recommend fully.

Predicated on this experience i actually do think the Duet is supposed to be a good amplifier for IEMS as a whole, that is of course when you wish that bass and mid range focus.

Comprehensive size outcomes

With all the Audez’e LCD-2.1 and Sennheiser HD650 there was a good pairing at high and gain that is medium. You will get big bass and a complete mid range and there’s plenty of energy but the pairing that is best ended up being with Philips’ L2 additionally the Hifiman HE-500. The additional bass and mid range focus combined with traits associated with HE-500 (huge noise phase and information plus treble extension) get this to a great sounding combination. It’s been a very very long time since We enjoyed the HE-500 anywhere near this much on a portable setup. All of us agree the Philips L2 is a very good headphone and it is gorgeous with the Duet (on low gain) while it doesn’t need an amplifier to shine. If you read our L2 review you might keep in mind Mike saying he had been just lacking some bass, well in conjunction with the Duet the bass is ideal for me personally. And saying it really is perfect means a whole lot, we now also wonder if i ought ton’t have place it within my 2013 top item list.

So if you’re wondering: overall the Duet isn’t the sounding that is same the recently released resolving, roomy and powerful Theorem. Yes the Duet is peaceful and does not have small problems and when you need a really sound that is clear bass and mid range focus and certainly will live utilizing the smaller sound, the Duet is actually for you. For IEMs the option is not difficult, the strong points associated with the Duet make your IEM additional good because so many of the higher monitors aren’t fundamentally tuned with a focus on bass. For full size headphones the Duet may be a fantastic match if the headphone may use a little bit of bass and mid range focus. For the minute we regrettably don’t have an ALO RX MK3 it’s clear that the Duet is the most quiet one and the better suited one for IEMs with me but. Over all i might state the Alo amp seems better but i ought to actually state it appears more aggressive compared to the Duet. Both are good amps though and I also wish Mike should be able to include a direct comparison to the Duet quickly.

Therefore could be the Duet a amp that is good? Yes it is, particularly with IEMs and an array of complete size headphones that currently have a sound stage that is wide. Have always been we as amazed because of the Duet when I had been with all the current other Cypher labs services and products? Seriously not than I am used to from CL but it still is a nice and good amp, don’t get me wrong on that as it is less revolutionary. wendividually we simply wished it resembled the Theorem (amp)sound a bit more but that’s my personal choice. To be honest i will be now holding two complete portable Cypher laboratories rigs with me: iPod + Solo (original) + Duet because well as iPod + Theorem. I recently leveled through to the craziness scale, I’m sure. But this way i could switch between escort services in Chandler amps according to the ear/headphone utilized and keep consitently the supreme quality sound the Cypher laboratories devices are assured to deliver. Cypher Labs, I nevertheless love you!